About The Club

Established in 1981, Santa Clara County Democratic Club (SCCDC) is a progressive organization dedicated to informing voters, encouraging citizen involvement in the political process, and promoting Democratic Party values and candidates.We draw our membership from all over Santa Clara County and it includes many current and former elected officials.

General Meetings

We hold ten monthly General Meetings at Harry’s Hofbrau in San Jose the third Monday of the month from 7 to 9 PM, which are open to the public. We also sponsor a summer event and a holiday dinner.

The Executive Board

The SCCDC Executive Board, elected by the membership annually at the November General Meeting for a one year term, includes Club Officers and Members at Large. Between General Meetings the Executive Board performs duties necessary for the proper administration of the affairs of SCCDC consistent with the Constitution and Bylaws. The Executive Board meets the 4th Wednesday of each month at 7pm at the Headen-Inman House in Santa Clara and is open to all SCCDC members.

2017 Officers

2017 Board Members at Large


Committees are established by the Executive Board as required to manage specific aspects of the club’s operation and mission. Committees are chaired by Executive Board members, who report on their activities to the Executive Board, and volunteers from the general membership.

  • Affordable Housing:  Works with other clubs and civic organization involved with affordable housing issues in Santa Clara County
  • Endorsements:  Analyses political races to recommend to the general membership which candidates and ballot propositions that the Club should endorse and financially support.
  • Events:  Chooses date, time, location, and perhaps the theme for the Club’s summer event (usually in August) and holiday party in December.
  • Finance:  Manages the Club finances, collects dues, membership applications and donations, pays bills, files FEC, FPPC and SCCDP reports.
  • Fundraising:  Responsible for raising funds.  Prepares annual budget each January.
  • Media:  Responsible for marketing and publicity, both print and digital.
  • Meeting: Handles Logistics for General Meetings
  • Membership:  Solicits new members and manages the membership database.
  • Newsletter:  Publishes the Democratic Voice, the monthly newsletter of the Club.
  • Nominations:  This committee is formed each September to recommend to the general membership a slate of candidates for Club offices from president to executive Board member.
  • Phone Tree:  Calls Club members about the upcoming monthly meeting.
  • Political Engagement:  Ensures that Club members are active in political activities pursuant to the aims of the Club.
  • Program:  Chooses topics and speakers for the monthly general meetings.

Contact Information

  • Mailing Address: PO Box xxx.
  • Email: info@
  • Facebook: Follow us here.
  • Twitter:  Not Implemented
  • You Tube: SCCDC Channel

SCCDC Bylaws

The Current Version of the Club Bylaws are here

Previous Versions: